What Is on the Inside of Commercial Steel Doors?
  • Steel doors are a great option for many facilities in order to ensure safety and security. However, you may be asking yourself: what types of steel doors exist and how do I choose? We are happy to assist you in fitting your application needs.

  • In general, our main filling materials are: honeycomb paper, rock wool, perlite, polyurethane and other materials.Here we use honeycomb paper and polyurethane two materials to introduce for example.

  • Honeycomb Core: This core has phenolic resin kraft honeycomb laminated to face sheets. This core is impact resistant, assure flatness of door faces, and also provide sound-deadening.

  • Polyurethane Core: This core is made of expanded, rigid foam that is either formed in place or preformed and then laminated to the face sheets. It also provides superior insulation as well and is impact resistant.

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