Why do we need fire doors?
If a fire breaks out in your home or workplace, it is important to get to a safe place.
Did you know that closing indoor doors can prevent or slow the spread of a fire in a building?
This small gesture could end up saving you, someone else, or the building.
Closing a door, even a non-fire door, creates a barrier between the room you're in and the flames when a fire occurs.
This barrier controls and slows the rate of fire passing through the door and significantly reduces smoke entering the room;
It also helps to lower temperatures and carbon dioxide levels.
Closure is essential in multiple areas and high-use buildings such as corporate offices, apartments, schools and hospitals.
By closing the door, you can block the fire from a large part of the building, giving other residents more time to evacuate.
Therefore, it is very important to use real fire doors.


Common application scenarios:
  • the highest level of fire separation (firewall, fire compartment, atrium, etc.)
  • Doors in crowded places (cinemas, auditoriums, etc.)
  • Doors for fire-fighting equipment (transformer room, distribution room, etc.)
  • Important warehouse doors (confidential rooms, archives rooms, etc.)
  • non-fire-related important equipment door (air conditioning room, refrigeration room, etc.)
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An example is shown below:
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